1.Bond Safari Kovalam

We manage their entire digital marketing activities such as Website Development, Content Marketing, Online Marketing, Social Media marketing.



2.Aastha Apartment-SEO Servicesastha.png

3. City Delivery Services

The site is developed using the state-of-the-art content management system. To address customer’s allover Tanzania we made the site multilingual with English and Swahili. The site has been developed keeping CDS corporate identity intact. The responsive design ensured the site can be accessed across any device. All the images and design had the “People” element emphasized

4. Azam TV

We wire framed and prototyped each and every screen that best fits Azam TV corporate look and feel. The site was crafted taking into consideration all the specific programs and channels offered by Azam TV. We worked along with Azam TV marketing team and brain stormed best ideas, design and color combinations that can give unique experience for visitors. We carefully choose the colors and patterns that can be easy and user-friendly for visitors. The site was developed using a robust Content Management System which helps Azam TV marketing team to update content and images in a dynamic manner.

5. Capital Technologies

We developed a site that can highlight and portray the products and services of Capital Technologies. We ensured the brand value and target market of the customer is portrayed through the site. The design and user-friendliness has been the prime focus and the site was developed to give a unique experience for every visitor.

6.Avic Town

We had a series of brain storming session with AVIC town marketing team and formulated a unique design that can showcase their projects and different models of Villas and Bungalows. The website is mobile friendly and built on a Content Management System, which gives the in-house marketing team to regularly update content and images of the project. We uses graphic elements that can showcase the intensity and vastness of the project so that a potential buyer get a complete picture about the project.